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Reduce costs and save time by TI's international certification services

Do you want your products to reach the global market quickly? The use of TI's international certification services will ensure that you quickly enter your locked international target market.

Why choose TI International?

Market access is the basis of any international business, compared to the simple choice of sales channels, the market access may seem more complex. Your product may need to meet multiple national access requirements at the same time. Choose TI's one-stop international certification service, and you will be able to quickly enter your target market at the most cost savings.

What will you get from TI?

Through TI, you will understand the complex regulations of your target market and establish an effective contact network. Our professional international certification staff instead of you to deal with complex documents, direct contact with the market issuing agencies to help obtain your product certification.

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Certification services

Use TI certification services to cover the quality of your product

Use TI certification to demonstrate the safety and quality of your products and comply with relevant industry and market regulations.

Why choose TI service?

If you want to release new products, TI is your ideal certification partner. TI is a member of several international and national certification programs. In addition to product certification, TI in the system management certification also has more than 20 years of experience.

What will you get?

You will successfully complete the test and get TI's various certification. Experience the true value of TI's certified quality. TI's certification will ensure that retailers and consumers around the world accept your products.

Other related services

Through TI's certification services, access to TI's EC-TYPE certificate and inspection reports, and TI issued by the CE mark certification.

TI certification of pressure equipment products

TI international certification of explosion-proof products

TI international certification of elevator products

TI international certification of mechanical products

TI amusement facilities products international certification

Certification Services »Product Certification

● product certification

Your product may be exported to a different country at the same time, and TI will prepare a variety of different certification schemes for you to choose from.

Every market, every industry, in terms of certification, will have its special requirements. In the field of certification, TI is one of the many well-known international certification body, has nearly a hundred years of experience.

To prove that your product has an independent third party certification, in line with recognized standards, please select a market area and do a better understanding.

Certification Services »Product Certification» European Certification

● European certification

In European countries, due to a mandatory CE mark, consumers are particularly valued for product certification

A survey conducted in the EU market found that product safety for third-party certification was much higher than that of CE-only products based on the CE Declaration of Conformity.

TI can provide you with certification for the EU market to prove that your product has been certified by a third party to meet the appropriate safety standards. Of course, in Europe, there are still some products that still require mandatory certification.

For more information on the European certification program, please see:

»Certifications» Product Certifications »European Certifications» ATEX Explosion Proof

● EX test, ATEX certification

TI is one of the bulletin boards in Europe. Can provide the use of equipment in the explosion environment from the design review began to review the explosion-proof technology, testing and certification issued by ATEX to help customers access to explosion-proof products, multi-national certification.

TI has a strong experienced ATEX engineers, from the design review, our engineers can provide you with flexible, fast product testing, certification and market access services.

TI's EX Service Report:

Product technical pre-trial and provide guidance



Quality System Audit and Certification ATEX

International Certification

All electrical or non-electrical products used in hazardous areas such as oil, gas, dust, etc., are required for explosion-proof testing and certification. TI may provide testing and certification for most of the equipment used in these environments.

»Certification Services» Management System Certification

● Management system certification

Obtain an effective management system certification, will be able to enhance your internal management, increase business success opportunities and enhance public recognition.

In terms of system certification, TI has more than 20 years of experience and a large number of professional auditors. For compliance assessment, TI will use our unique audit methods to make the greatest efforts to provide you with added value. At the same time, TI can also provide you with audit technology, quality, environmental management and risk management training. Need related services, please feel free to contact us.

We can in many industries can be issued system certification.

»Certification Services» Management System Certification »ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

● ISO 9001 - Quality management system

ISO 9001: 2008 is the standard for quality management systems designed to create a more effective business model.

The certification of the quality management system is assessed by an independent, professional authority to confirm that the enterprise meets the requirements of an international quality management system.

The role of ISO 9001: 2008

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Strengthen marketing

Improve staff motivation, awareness and morale

Promote international trade

increase profit

reduce waste

increase productivity

The ISO 9001: 2008 certification indicates that the organization meets the requirements of the standard. One of the main objectives of standards and certification is to verify that the organization can continue to improve its own processes. Thus being certified by an external agency more credible.

Certification process

The certification process consists of two steps:

The first step to visit the application to check their organization, system documents, infrastructure and so on. To assess the maturity of its quality management system.

Step 2 Check whether the system documentation meets the requirements of ISO 9001. After the audit will be found on the issue of non-compliance given feedback, after these issues can be corrected after the certificate can be issued.

The certificate is valid for three years, since then, the need for annual supervision and approval.

Certification Services »Management System Certification» OHSAS 18 001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System

OHSAS 18 001 - Occupational health and safety management system

OHSAS 18000 is an international standard for occupational health and safety management.

OHSAS 18001 is an integrated management system for the work environment and safety, similar to the usual quality system of the enterprise.

OHSAS 18001 has the following benefits:

Consolidate potential costs by consolidating individual certifications into one system.

Protect employees from occupational health hazards

Prove that it conforms to a healthy working environment and a safe environment

Certification process

The certification process begins with the first meeting to determine whether the company meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001 and is prepared for certification or whether it needs to be improved before certification.

The certification process then requires that all OHSAS 18001 standards be checked to see if the company meets the requirements of these standards.

Finally, the last meeting was held to review the need for some improvements before issuing the license.

The certificate is valid for three years, during which time the annual oversight is required and provides you with potential improvements.

»Certification Services» Personnel Certification

● Personnel certification

In terms of personnel certification, TI is one of the largest certification bodies in Slovakia, with a large number of experienced experts.

Obtaining a staff certification will prove from theory and practice that you have met the appropriate skills and knowledge requirements. With more than 20 years of history, TI will use its rich experience and expertise to help you improve your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Certification Services »Building Inspection

Building inspection

Many buildings (such as shopping centers, garages, hotels, etc.) have a lot of legal requirements and insurance companies. TI can provide inspection services for these buildings.

Building safety devices

Electrical installation, lightning protection equipment and other safety-related construction equipment and equipment in buildings must meet many requirements and standards to ensure the safety of the staff in the building and the public. Regular technical inspections of these devices help to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment

Use third party experts

TI can provide pre-installation pre-installation inspection, regular inspection after installation and special inspection. To ensure safety, to prevent accidents, building inspection not only in accordance with the laws and regulations of various regions, but also in accordance with the requirements of the insurance company to do testing.

Our inspection services include:

Electrical installation

Emergency power installation

Emergency lights

Medium and low voltage equipment installed

Fixed electrical installation(DIN VDE 0105-100,BGV A3)

Portable electrical equipment(DIN VDE 0701-0702 , BGV A3)

Electrical testing of machinery and equipment(DIN VDE 0113 /EN 60204, BGV A3)

Solar power installation(DIN VDE 62446 / VDE 0126-23, DIN VDE 0105-100, VdS)

In accordance with the requirements of the insurance company to do electrical installation testing ( SK 3602, VdS 2871)

Temperature record (VdS)

Static electricity

fire alarm system

Noise alarm system(ELA, SAA, ENA)

Anti-lightning equipment installation

Fire safety inspection report


Smoke Emissions Installation

Fire baffle; fire hammer

Carbon monoxide alarm system

Ventilation equipment hygiene testing (VDI 6022)

Fire door on / off device

Room opening / closing device

Oil separator, grease isolator

Fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers installed

Automatic doors for fire evacuation channels


Lifts (platform)

Electric doors and windows

(Loading and unloading) activities ladder

Garbage packaging equipment

Transmission equipment

Cranes; winch; winch

Related Information

Construction equipment inspection - TI is a competent partner, to provide you with advice, testing and authoritative advice.

Certification Services »Pre-shipment inspection

Pre-shipment inspection makes your international transactions easier

In international trade, it is advisable to seek a third party for your pre-shipment inspection when you need to make sure that you will receive a product that is consistent with the business contract description.

The pre-shipment inspection is also the final sampling test, usually at the end of the cargo production process of 100% and at least 80% of the cargo package has been completed. During the inspection process, the product is tested by our inspectors according to the international AQL standard random sampling.

TI can provide inspection services for the following product categories:

Industrial machinery and equipment

Pressure equipment

Elevator equipment

Explosion - proof equipment

Electrical and electronic equipment

During the inspection process, the inspector will usually refer to the buyer to provide the standard samples, confirm the quality of goods, color, size, appearance, packaging and customer inspection requirements specified in the special requirements. At the same time we also refer to the product-related international standards to confirm the safety of the goods.

Inspection procedures:

1.The customer submits the application for inspection

2.Review the contract


4.issue a report


6.The customer confirms the offer and pays

Related Information

In addition to pre-shipment inspection, TI can also provide:

Pre-production inspection:

Before the actual production begins, our inspectors may, by random sampling, confirm that the raw materials, parts and fittings to be used for production are checked and that the correct materials and spare parts are prepared.

Production inspection

During the production process, our inspectors can go to the scene to confirm whether the product produced by the customer standard parameters and rules consistent to confirm the quality of the entire production process has always been consistent.

Certification Services »Supplier Review

Vendor review services help you find the ideal business partner

In the international business and trade process, the use of professional third-party organizations for supplier review, is to help you find a reliable supplier, the establishment of a stable and cooperative relations a good choice.

Supplier review includes confirmation of the site of the plant, equipment, quality control and so on. Third-party vendor audits can help you choose the right suppliers objectively and recommend stable business partnerships. In order to ensure that the delivery of orders on time and specifications consistent with the contract, but also through the supplier audit to monitor the production process to ensure that the process of compliance.

TI has a professional staff to provide you with a variety of machinery, pressure equipment, elevators and explosion-proof equipment suppliers such as review.

Why choose TI's vendor audit service?

TI is a global company with its own branches in the world's major markets, including the United States, Canada, China, Korea, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, India and so on.

TI has a high-quality talent, independent, fair and impartial objective audit.

When you purchase high-value products, timely supervision in the production process quality will help you ensure consistent specifications and timely delivery.

Using TI's audit service, you can avoid your own long-distance travel to do production supervision.

TI's supplier services include:

Supplier qualification audit and judgment

Evaluate the production capacity of the supplier

According to the customer's specifications or related standards to provide technical checks

Confirm trial production

Field test or witness test

Final inspection before shipment

According to the customer's delivery needs, to speed up delivery time

Document review

Confirm delivery arrangements

Provide progress reports and final reports based on customer needs

Certification Services »Factory Inspection

Factory inspection

TI offers factory inspection services

Many certification programs require factory inspection, the purpose is to ensure that the factory has sufficient quality control capabilities to ensure that mass production of products and certification testing qualified products are consistent. Europe's low-voltage directive also requires control of the plant.

TI's factory inspection can provide you with added value

TI believes that factory inspection is not just a must to do the project, but a tool to improve your product safety and quality. Our senior inspectors will help you discover loopholes in the production process that are likely to lead to product inconsistencies based on their experience, reminding you of a timely improvement.

A factory inspection to meet the multi-national certification requirements:

The advantage of TI's factory inspection is that it can meet the requirements of a variety of certification schemes for different certification bodies. Therefore, some customers even if not apply for TI's product certification, but also apply for TI's factory inspection services.

Through TI's international certification services, customers can simultaneously obtain a number of national certification. All company certifications require factory inspection, TI's factory inspection report is accepted by a number of certification bodies, with TI's factory inspection report, customers can avoid receiving from each certification agency factory inspection.