Business profile


TI as the third party of the European Union fair inspection agencies, engaged in product testing and certification work has been decades of history. TI has given full play to the long-term accumulation of on-site inspection experience and technology, commitment to the onshore industrial product testing aspects of the inspection work.

At the same time for enterprises to provide second-party and third-party quality control services, and by the national associations and large enterprises fully recognized.

Set the Group's technical strength, TI's existing full-time product testing professionals in nearly 200 people, to create a complete range of technical experience of the professional team, formed a mature certification inspection management model. In addition, also hired a number of well-known experts in various industries as a technical adviser, set up a metal materials, non-metallic materials, machinery, electrical electronic control and other professional product testing expert group.

In recent years, TI through its own The ability to continuously upgrade, the rapid development of business, with outstanding ability to perform and superb professional standards, and actively participate in a number of national large-scale infrastructure and national key construction projects. In the energy, transportation, construction, manufacturing and other areas of high-tech products and large-scale equipment supervision, established a clear brand business advantages, practical action for the national development of the overall situation of related industries.

For the community to provide a fair third-party inspection services for the product to provide the whole life cycle of technical services:

Capacity evaluation (pre-production stage)

Supplier assessment capacity approval drawings review

Product inspection (production stage)

Manufacturing inspection factory inspection test proved equipment supervision

Process evaluation (in-service operation phase)

Accident Investigation Run Diagnostics Annual Inspection

Decommissioning (near life)

Use the working conditions to define the retirement certificate

TI will also be at any time to collect and solicit the user's product testing needs, and timely feedback to the relevant inspection work. For the special needs of users, TI will be through the development of specialized quality plans to solve the demand. To ensure that users provide timely and thoughtful service.