Training business

Training Business


TI based on years of accumulated experience in the certification and testing, a strong technological advantages, network advantages and personnel, adhering to the "technology legislation" thinking, in the relevant technical areas of unremitting exploration, customers can provide a full range of technical support , Technical cooperation, management research, training and professional services.

TI has been committed to providing customers with training and technical support and other value-added services, and accumulated considerable service experience and management experience. TI has a team of instructors, hands-on experience and deep professional knowledge of the team of teachers and technical services team, at the same time, the company also equipped with a sound training and teaching facilities to ensure that customers provide high-quality training services.

TI uphold the service delivery standards, technology to enhance the quality, quality to create value to cooperation to achieve win-win service concept, in the industry reputation.

TI can carry out the standard knowledge of quality management system such as quality, occupational health and safety, audit knowledge, internal auditor, system establishment and maintenance personnel and related management training, as well as some specific areas of internal auditor training, but also provide a variety of management Knowledge and management tools. At the same time, the company can provide CE product specifications, standard training, in addition, the company also in accordance with the needs of customers, product certification, industrial product testing, container inspection, enterprise risk management and enterprise internal control and other related knowledge training; Other training institutions Cooperative organization, contract management system National registration auditor training, product certification Inspector training.

The technical services of the Company do not affect the fairness of the business of certification, inspection and evaluation, and do not involve the consulting business for the purpose of passing through the certification, inspection and evaluation. We do not provide any direct or indirect knowledge of the certification process and conclusion, Objectivity and impartiality of counseling or service.

Main courses

The course system covers all TI business categories: quality management system \ occupational health and safety management system, CE product certification standards, standard training, industrial product testing and internal control training.